Estate Planning

We offer estate planning services including wills, trusts, power of attorney, living wills, and estate planning. We also assist with various financial, medical, and other decisions.

Why Do I Need a Will?
A will is a legal document created to ensure your property, assets and other possessions are distributed to your friends and family as you wish after you die. A will also allows you to legally appoint a guardian for your children and an executor for your estate. Plus, a will lets you specify your funeral wishes.

What is a Trust?
A trust is a legal arrangement which allows your assets to be held by a third party. Trusts usually avoid probate, allowing your assets to be transferred quickly to your beneficiaries after you die. Depending on the type of arrangement, trusts may avoid estate taxes. Trusts allow you more privacy and control over how your estate is used.

What is a Power of Attorney?
A power of attorney is a legal document which gives written authorization allowing someone to make various financial and other decisions on your behalf. Designating a power of attorney doesn’t take away your ability to make decisions. Instead, your designated agent can pay bills, withdraw money and otherwise access your finances. A “durable” power of attorney can make legal decisions on your behalf if you become medically incapacitated.

What are Living Wills?
A living will is a legal document which allows you to direct your end-of-life medical care. If you ever become ill and are unable to communicate your wishes, your living will provides legal directions for your care to all physicians and medical personnel. A living will should be created with the help of an attorney in order to ensure your wishes are followed without interference.

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